DOWNWIND KITESURFING – What is it? and how is it done?

DOWNWIND KITESURFING – What is it? and how is it done?

Getting on a board and leaning into the wind to make your way to your next port of call is the best way to capture the true essence of kiteboarding.

A kitesurfing trip is the best way to experience this kind of freedom.


It does sound good, doesn’t it?

If you are considering your first kitesurf downwind adventure, learn more from the tips below and get out there!

Taking a downwind kitesurf trip can be a unique experience. You can view the coastline from a new angle and kite at spots you may not have been able to kite from the land otherwise. Besides sharing such an experience with other riders.


Who Can Do It?

Theoretically, anybody can do a downwind kitesurf trip. It is half the battle if you can get on a board and ride it downwind. Kite riders need to have confidence in their abilities and be able to relaunch their kite in the event of a crash. Make sure you have all the gear you need and know how to sort yourself out if you go offshore or don’t have a safe landing spot.


Where Do I Start?

Start planning a route from one spot to another that’s downwind and go for it! Point your board downwind and go for it! Any board will do, but surfboards are more comfortable over long distances. Just keep in mind though that you’ll be essentially depowering your kite since you’re riding downwind rather than against the wind, so be prepared to down-loop or kite-loop if necessary.



Safety in numbers is key here. They always need to be well planned and they can be done with a team, if you plan a downwind kitesurf trip longer than 100km you will need a team around you, several strong riders, plus a chef to prepare picnics along the way. You will more than likely ride in remote areas if you plan a long downwind kitesurf trip. You could end up taking a turn for the worse if you go alone and equipment fails or something else goes wrong. Besides, if there are other kiters around, they can raise the alarm if something goes wrong. Anyhow, it’s a great experience and something you should share.


I’m not sure. Where do I go?

There’s an easy answer to that: anywhere! So long as you want to go downwind and there are no perilous obstacles like wind farms or cliffy rocky coasts, then get out there and get that big smile on your face.

Check out: => Wake Up Adventures Classic Oman Coast Downwind Tour 250KM.

You don’t want to miss this! Our seven-day adventure follows the incredible Omani coastline, averaging 40 to 50 kilometers a day. There are some epic waves on the way, and it’s pretty amazing if you’re doing it as the sun goes down, with great resorts and food to refuel you each night.

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